Enhanced Neutral Laundry Detergent 30kgs

Product Description

1. Specification: 10 kgs, 30 kgs or customized
2. Shelf Life:3 years
3. Application: Cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, blends and other texture clothing and infant clothing, underwear
4. Single package size: 28X28X42 cm

(1) With low foam and readily rinsing, it does not leave.
(2) With non-phosphorus and environmentally friendly formula.
(3) No Harmful to the hand and Clothes.
(4) Add to prevent staining.
(5) Completely remove the dirt deep in the fiber.

PH7 purely neutral Added plant-based surfactant, it can quickly foaming and instantly defoaming at the same time. Low-foam cleaning, disinfection, color protection, and softening can be finished at once. It also adds anti-dyeing agent to prevent the stains from re-contaminating the clothes, white and clean without fading. It is suitable for all kinds of clothes and also suitable for professional laundry and self-service laundry operators. Bed sheets and towels are also applicable.