Stain Remover Powder 2kg

Product Description

Specification:1kgs (can), 2kgs (can), 2kgs (refill pack) or customized

1. Business laundry detergent with super cleaning, eco-friendly and no hazard quality.
2. Effectively sterilizing clothes when doing laundry with detergent, and sterilizing laundry tubs of washing machines when use Stain Remover Powder alone.
3. Hydrogen peroxide, bleaching and color enhancement all in one, no fluorescent agent, chlorine, real purified and harmless for human body.
4. Effectively removing yellow stain, odor, stain from sauce, juice, tea, coffee, wine, chocolate, blood, color pens, etc.
5. Washing machine cleaning! (put 3 spoons of SUN SIN Stain Remover Powder and fill up the washing machine with water, stay for 24 hours, stains and odor will effectively removed)
6. Oxygen rate 14%, effectively preventing bacterial fouling of laundry tub if using SUN SIN Stain Remover Powder frequently. It is proved by SGS medical experiment to effectively
kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus albicans, mold, dust mites and other bacteria.
7. 100% purity without any surfactant, aromatizer, non-toxic, no pollution, 100% detergency, not only be able to bleach but also protect/enhance the color of your clothes.

- Clothes stain/odor removing, sterilization
- Washing machine cleaning/sterilization
- Helmet pads cleaning/sterilization
- Pet leashes/clothes cleaning/sterilization
- Babies and pregnant women articles cleaning/sterilization

How to use:
- Normal laundry:
1 spoon SUN SIN Stain Remover Powder each laundry, color enhancement and sterilization in one time with no more odor smell.
- Stains:
1 spoon SUN SIN Stain Remover Powder melted with hot water, add cold water and mix well, put in clothes and stay for a while, cold water should overwhelm the clothes but no need too much.
- Color enhancement:
1. For white clothes, please use hot water.
2. For colorful clothes: please add cold water to make room temperature water.
3. To avoid color transfer of the clothes caused by hot water, the clothes should be washed normally after soaking for 24 hours.
- Helmet pads & pet leashes/clothes:
May use cold water/warm water, hot water can shorten the soaking time and make the helmet pads & pet leashes/clothes clean/sterilized.