Enhanced Version All-purpose Stain Remover Spray 500 c.c

Product Description

1. Cleaning power upgraded
2. Whole house clean easily all in one bottle
3. Even capable to remove stains of vegetable-dye from clothes
4. Macromolecule Enzyme, without harmful substance
5. Power Enzyme Formula, effectively dissolve old heavy grease, removing burnt, residual glue easily.
6. With citrus fragrance, smell good and hand protective. Not harmful to paint.

1. Kitchen: range hood, gas stove, water sink, oven, microwave, coffee roast machine, stainless steel device, charcoal, etc.
2. Living room: plastic surface, (ex. TV, telephone, printer surface), wood surface (ex. furniture, door, walls ect.), charcoal.
3. Bathroom: toilet, water sink, faucet, mirror, water stain, glass fiber door.
4. Outdoor: stainless railing, roll-up door, gate, car frame.
5. Clothes: minor oil stain, Yellow stains on neckline, pens, lipsticks, engine oil, cooking oil, blood stain, betel nut Juice, color pens and other oil stain and color stain, etc. (thick oil stain on clothes, please Oil Stain Remover Detergent)
6. Others: whiteboard, flour (ex. marble, tiles, plastic) sofa, leather chairs, purses, Automotive glass oil film (Wiper fine), cylinder ring, engine oil, asphalt residue.