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Nano fragrance-bead Fabric Softener 30 kg


Property Description

1. Specification: 4 liters, 30kgs or customized
2. Shelf Life:3 years
3. Application: Cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, blends and other texture clothing and infant clothing, underwear
4. Single package size: 28X28X42 cm

(1) Refining from the natural palm oil
(2) Add nano fragrance soft beads imported from France
(3) The scent remains in three periods, the first, the middle, and the last
(4) It can resist high temperature drying (250 ° C)
(5) The scent can last for more than 2 years when the fabric is preserved
(6) Soft and fluffy clothes are easy to be put away
(7) Adding a polymer smoother to make the fabric smooth and well refreshed
(8) Light and sweet fragrance
(9) Long-lasting fragrance
(10) After washing, there are three periods of fragrances: first, middle and the last


1. 規格。4公升,30公斤或定制
2. 保質期:3年
3. 適用于:棉、麻、絲、毛、合成纖維、混紡等布質的服裝和嬰幼兒服裝。
4.包裝尺寸:28X28X42 cm

(1) 使用天然棕櫚油提煉制造
(2) 添加法國進口的奈米香氛柔珠
(4) 可耐高溫烘幹(250℃)
(6) 柔軟蓬鬆的衣服容易收納
(7) 加入高分子柔順劑,使織物顯得更光滑,更清爽
(8) 淡淡的甜香味
(10) 洗滌後,會擁有三個階段的香味:前段、中段和後段


1.仕様。 4リットル、30kgまたはカスタマイズ
4.シングルパッケージサイズ:28X28X42 cm


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