Nano fragrance-bead Fabric Softener 30 kg

Property Description

1. Specification: 4 liters, 30kgs or customized
2. Shelf Life:3 years
3. Application: Cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, blends and other texture clothing and infant clothing, underwear

(1) Refining from the natural palm oil
(2) Add nano fragrance soft beads imported from France
(3) The scent remains in three periods, the first, the middle, and the last
(4) It can resist high temperature drying (250 ° C)
(5) The scent can last for more than 2 years when the fabric is preserved
(6) Soft and fluffy clothes are easy to be put away
(7) Adding a polymer smoother to make the fabric smooth and well refreshed
(8) Light and sweet fragrance
(9) Long-lasting fragrance
(10) After washing, there are three periods of fragrances: first, middle and the last