Fragrance free Fabric Softener 30 kg

Property Description

1. Specification: 30kgs or customized
2. Shelf Life: 3 years
3. Application: Cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, blends and other texture clothing and infant clothing, underwear
4. Single package size: 28X28X42 cm

With special polymer smoothing agent formula, making the fabric more smooth and well refreshed. Blankets, blended woolen materials and cotton clothes will have an excellent touch and are easy to be ironed.
1. 8kg washing machine medium and high water level, it is recommended to add 100c.c.
2. It is recommended to add 150~200c.c. for medium and high water level in 13kg washing machine.
3. The medium and high water level of the 17kg washing machine is recommended to add 200~250c.c.